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Ksitigarbha Bodhisavatta

Ksitigarbhra Bodhisavatta became the ruler of the underworld when he took a great vow of saving all sentient beings from it. In this series, we share the Ksitigarbha Sutra, providing meanings that are often lost in the English version of the sutra. The cause and effect between sentient beings and the netherworld as well as individual accounts will also be presented.

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Lotus Chronicles is a series of supernatural, spiritual encounters by myself and people I know personally. Dharma sermons by Tantrayana, Vajrayana Buddhism Guru and Vajra Master Monks are adapted to improvise the illustration of these experiences.

This site shares transcendent truth and knowledge in hope of helping others navigate through life with wisdom by learning the complete truth of existence through Buddhism. These materials will be entertaining for some, and for others it will be the beginning of an awakening.

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