A few of them had infiltrated me as well. The other half were spirits of those who died from suicide. They attempted to kill Living Buddha, Lian Sheng on several occassions. The great Dharma Guardians Fudomyoo (不動明王) and Vajra Krodha MahābalaUcchuşma (大力金剛) perished many of these ghostly warriors. The remainder ghosts who were deemed too frail or crippled, were compassionately released by the order of Bodhisavattas at True Buddha School Temple in Redmond, Washington.

Those who died by suicide are particularly ferocious because of the anger and unsettling peace they carry with them which led them to end their lives with such resentment. As the great Vajra Master became more indulged with dark desires, she spread these ghosts to all the temples practicing the teachings of His Living Buddha, Lian Sheng and to all his disciples, including other Vajra Masters, who cultivate his teachings diligently. The ghosts manipulated the thoughts, actions, and words of these disciples, and deteriorated their health, inconspicuously deterring them away from the right path of Dharma, just like they did with the great Vajra Master. Many disciples were also deceived by inviting home what the Vajra Master told them are divine deities. The disciples nurtured, cultivated, and made offerings to these deities. The true identity of these spiritual deities are neither Buddha, Bodhisavatta, god, or Dharma guardians. They are ghosts that are harnessed by the Vajra Master.

Living Buddha, Lian Sheng had been compassionate with the great Vajra Master, speaking with subtle warning many times without exposing anyone's name. But the great disciple succumbed to the ghosts' energy.

Living Buddha, Lian Sheng replied, "If you cultivate with Buddha, your will become Buddha. If you cultivate with Bodhisavatta, you will become Bodhisavatta. If you cultivate with god, you will become that god. If you cultivate with animals, you will become animals. If you cultivate with demons you will become a demon. If you cultivate with ghosts, you will become a ghost. You become whom you cultivate with."

"Of all channels of cultivation, it is the easiest to connect with ghosts. If you go to a cemetery and make offerings to a ghosts, they will follow you home. You will know that you have connected with ghosts either through dreams or visions. They will let you know. Many people like to cultivate with ghosts because it is easy to connect with them. Ghosts have some abilities to fulfill your wishes" Living Buddha, Lian Sheng said.

"Many celebrities cultivate with ghosts, and then their popularity increases, the have more fans, they have more contracts. They (celebrities) make daily offerings to the ghost. When ever the cultivator has a meal, they must first offer it to the ghost that they cultivate with, and then they can send it out to fulfill their requests. They can say, 'I do not like that person! Make him lose his job!' and the ghost will materialize that wish. Or, 'Let that person fall with illness!' And suddenly, that person will fall heavily ill."

"It is easy to find a ghost to cultivate with. There are many individuals in such places as Thailand who sell spirits to those wants to harness it to fulfill desires."

"But you must understand that by harnessing the energy of a ghost, you think like it, you offer food, you offer to cultivate with it, you offer your flesh, and in the end it will eat you too. By aligning with its energy, you will be reborn into the samsara path of ghosts" the Living Buddha warned. "The ghost can and will retaliate if you do not abide to its requests. All those who cultivate with ghosts will have energy wither away and become riddle with illnesses (emotionally and physically) and, or, die tragically. This is the result of those who cultivate with a ghost."

The Living Buddha again warned "Do not make offering to ghosts, do not nurture ghosts, do not cultivate with ghosts."​

Offering, Cultivating, NurturingGhosts

Good and evil are parallel.

Practice wisely. Choose your teacher wisely.

lotus chronicles

It has been 2500 years since a Buddha teaches among us. Many Dharma talks in the days of Shakyamuni begin with "Thus I have heard". Perhaps 2500 years from now, my recollection of the conversation with Living Buddha, Lian Sheng during tea time on October 9, 2016 will begin as so -----

Thus, I have heard. At high noon, before the transmission of the tantra of Marishiten Bodhisavatta (摩利支天菩薩), one hundred monks and common disciples gathered around His Holiness Living Buddha, Lian Sheng.

"Great teacher, are we still in danger from the ghosts sent by the fallen Vajra Master?" a disciple asked nervously.

Grand Master Monk empowered his disciples the transmission for the Vajra Krodha MahābalaUcchuşma tantra. The Vajra Krodha MahābalaUcchuşma is a great Dharma guardian, whom no ghosts or alike can penetrate, thus protecting those (and their home) who call upon him.

The Vajra Master was once a great disciple of Living Buddha, Lian Sheng. Like that of Judas in the Christian Bible and Devadatta, one of the first and greatest disciples of Shakyamuni. Devadatta manipulated five hundred close disciples to abandon the Buddha and then conspired to kill the Buddha.

The great Vajra Master began with the mission to relief sentient beings from samsara, this included ghosts. Somewhere along the path, the ghosts she saved infiltrated her heart and she began to derail from the right path of Dharma. The great Vajra Master ultimately nurtured five million ghosts and turned them into ferocious warriors. Half of them were spirits of SAMURAI. I know these samurai from the many lifetimes when I was born into the family of samuari. 

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