Among them are Padmasambhava, Amitabha Buddha, Maitreya Buddha,  (Tibetan Buddhism), Golden Mother (Taoism), to name a few. 

The comprehensive lineage allows us to cultivate perfect teachings. There are numerous transcendent, dharma knowledge that have never been known to sentient beings or have been lost and obscured.

We also owe our learnings to Vajra Masters as well as Venerable

Alfred of Veil Parasol Temple of San Mateo, California, all of them are monks of True Buddha School. They provide Dharma teachings and certain tantra transmissions.

Lotus Chronicles was created as a way to express our gratitude for our teachers for showing us the greatest knowledge in existence before, now, and in the future. We try our best to share this knowledge and awaken the true spiritual self in others so that they, too, may have a chance to gain spiritual knowledge instead of superstition, gain awareness from their defiled self to their true self, gain awareness from their defiled self to their true self, gain wisdom, and use these as guidance

Vajrayana disciples are forbidden to share the practice with the public, therefore, this site does not provide any practice instructions.

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Lotus Chronicles is a non-profit, registered 501c3.

Our root guru is Grand Master Monk Sheng-Yen Lu, otherwise known as His Holines Living Buddha, Lian Sheng. Grand Master Monk Lu is the Nirmanakaya of Amitabha Buddha and Padmakumara. Among Grand Master Monk Lu's gurus are great masters of the Gelug school, Karmapa school, Sakyapa school, Nyingma school, great Shingon masters, Sutrayana masters , and Taoism masters. Additionally, he also received direct teachings from such as Golden Pond Mother, Padmasambhava, Bodhisavattas, to name a few.

in where ever they may be in their journey.

Lotus Chronicles supports a number of events and causes guided by the principles of Buddhism and teachings of Living Buddha, Lian Sheng.

Disciples of Vajrayana must absolutely have a root guru. This is how you determine whether their practice and teachings are legitimate. Those who practice without transmissions of a root guru are committing a very serious violation of Vajrayana doctrine.

Tantrayana Buddhism, also known as  Vayrayana Buddhism, is a form of Tantric Buddhism.  It is the most powerful spiritual practice allowing the disciple to influence and control karma and affinity by heightening his awareness. It is for this reason that Vajrayana practices are esoteric and requires a validated guru to provide guidance. Unguided practice of Vajrayana will certaintly lead one to harming himself and others.  


Funding for publication 2013

translated dharma teachings by Root Guru and Vajra Master Monks from Chinese to English & compiled personal encounters 2012 - ongoing

Launched in 2014

Vowed to Buddha & Bodhisavatta to share these experiences so those who have affinity may have a chance to navigate in samsara by learning the truth of existence.

began in 2012

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